FAQ – Valentine’s Day Package

What is the cost of the Valentine’s Package?  
$85 Valentine Package  

Where can I purchase the Valentine’s Package?
ONLY sold at Markko Vineyard – Order by phone, email or @ Markko Vineyard 440-593-3197 markko@gwcmail.net  

How do I pay for the Valentine Package?
Payment via credit card, PayPal cheers@markko.com or cash.  

How do I pick-up my Valentine Package?
Pre-orders picked up at Markko Vineyard or Bascule Bridge Grille ONLY!  

Please visit www.markko.com for current business hours or call Markko 440-593-3197 to arrange pick-up. 
Last day to pick-up at Markko Vineyard before Valentine’s Day is Sat Feb 13, 2021 11am-2pm.   

Pick-up your pre-paid Valentine Packages @ Bascule thru Saturday February 13th.
Bascule Hours for pick up are Tuesday-Thursday 3pm-8pm and Friday & Saturday 3pm-6pm. 
Wine from gift package cannot be consumed at the restaurant.
Reservations are recommended to redeem Bascule gift card.  

What does the Valentine Package Include?
WINE:  Choice of Chardonnay lot 1681 Reserve or Cabernet lot 1702.
DINNER:  $50 gift card for Bascule Restaurant (Ashtabula Harbor) may be used for dine-in or take-out.
CHOCOLATE:  Marianne’s assorted chocolates ½ pound
GIFT BAG:  Includes tissue paper and blank note card for you to personalize for that special someone  

What is the expiration date on Bascule Gift Card? There is not an expiration date. Lost or stolen gift certificates are not replaceable.