Bike or Hike

Markko has some beautiful surrounding areas to explore by bicycle or on foot. All experience levels can find a trail or path that fits your skills! A perfect compliment to visiting the Winery any time of year.

5 Mile Creek Road

Turn left as you leave the winery.  Travel east 1.3 miles on W. Underridge Road.

Turn Left onto Keefus Road.  Continue 1 mile.

Turn left and coast down ¼ mile to Creek Road Bridge.  Clara D. Peet Metropark is on the left.  (South Side of road)

Enjoy the view.

Take some time to hike into Clara D. Peet, Ashtabula Metropark Preserve.  Enjoy the trails, and get close to the river.  Possibly take a moment to wade in the cool water.  

Return to winery by retracing the route.  You may want to walk bicycles up the gravel road incline to Keefus Road. 

3 Mile State Road

As you leave the winery continue straight under Route 90 on South Ridge Road West.

Continue 1/4 mile and turn right onto State Road. 

It is one mile to reach the State Road Covered Bridge. 

There are trails on both sides of the bridge, so you can take photos.

If you continue through the bridge for about 1/4 mile there is a pretty 3 level waterfall on the right side of the road.  It is at the bottom of Hatches Corners Road.  There is a guard rail.  The falls are really pretty when the water is flowing. 

Return to winery by retracing your route.

25 Mile and 5 Bridges

As you leave the winery continue straight for ¼ mile.  You will go under Route 90. You will be on South Ridge Road West.

Turn right onto State Road.  It is one mile to State Road Covered Bridge

Continue on State Road for a 1 ½  mile incline up to route 84. 

Cross Route 84, and continue south. 

20 mile option 4 bridges.

    Cross route 84, and continue one mile, turn right onto Gageville-Monroe Road.

Cross Route 193, and continue to Benetka Road.  Turn right.  Bridge will be in about ½ mile.             

Now you will follow directions from the Benetka Road Covered Bridge, which are below.

The road changes name to Stanhope-Kelloggsville Road.  Stay on this road for 2 miles and Root Road Covered Bridge will be on the left.  It is a short side trip down Root Road to see this bridge.  Return to Stanhope-Kelloggsville Road and turn left.

In ¾ mile turn right onto Sheffield-Monroe Road. 

In 2 miles you will get to Route 193.  This is a busy road.  You will turn right and quickly turn left onto Sheffield Road.

It is about 1 more mile to get to Benetka Road.  Turn right.

Stay on Benetka Road for two miles.  You will cross Plymouth-Gageville road. 

Benetka Covered Bridge is north of Plymouth-Gageville Road.  Continue north.

Turn left onto Plymouth Ridge Road.

In ½ mile turn right onto Dibble Road.

Brant’s Apple Orchard is on the left.  It opens in August.  They have great sandwiches, juices and rest area.

A Couple Choices. 

If you have enjoyed yourself at Brant’s, or just want to skip Dewey Road 

Covered Bridge.  Turn left out of Brant’s and go about 1 ¼ mile until you see Buie

Road on the right.  Turn right onto Buie Road.  Skip down page to Buie Road directions