Markko Wines of Lake Erie

 As winegrowers in this Lake Erie (since 1983) appellation in the Great Lakes the goal here remains to find the grape for wine from this climate and soil which consistently reflects its personality in the bottle which the world market appreciates and calls “terroir”.   Each vintage gives growers and winemakers a new challenge to capture the essence of the season.
The people like you who enjoy wines with your meals,  become so important in finding which wines and the grapes they come from you most pleasing . . . . . So tasting vintages each year and how they mature, and then keep in your cellar helps you be able to make meaningful comments for winemakers.   Every wine and bottling differs has its own character.   What Europe did in 1000 years of trial and error the new world tries to do in one or two generations.
The future lies with people like you, to come and join this search for the best wines this region can produce.  Enjoyment will grow in tasting, trying, and sharing with family and  friends.   Your selections and comments  will guide winemakers and speed this whole process of selection.   You can make it most enjoyable as your tastes change and grow in appreciation of wines and their subtle and ever changing lives.

To your health

~ cheers!



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