Markko Vineyard


Our Chardonnay is aged in a blend of new and used lightly toasted barrels for 2 years on the lees. This aging process helps to give Markko Chardonnay milder wood character than those from other regions with layers of warm baking spices.

Our Riesling offers great complexity along with notable aging potential in stainless steel tanks and resembles German style dry Rieslings.

NEW RELEASES August 2023!

$8 Glass
Our Pinot Gris spent one month in neutral oak barrels. It has flavors of apricots and pear with lingering aromas of orange blossoms and quince. The bright acidity makes this wine compatible with a variety of creamy cheeses, salads & white meat. Also, pairs well with non-tomato pastas (pesto, aglio e olio)
INTRODUCING Pinot Noir Rose 2022
$8 Glass
Our 2022 Rosé is highlighted with notes of luscious strawberries, young pear and Hawthorn blossom.
Our Pinot Rosé had minimal skin contact and was fermented completely in stainless steel tanks. It shares similar characteristics of a traditional French Rosé. It pairs well with fish & chicken and makes for the perfect picnic wine.
INTRODUCING Chardonnay 2018 lot # 1813
$35 bottle 
Introducing a NEW 2018 Chardonnay with a creamy texture and a crisp finish. The wine has aromas of peach blossom, butterscotch and spiced apple pie.  On the palate there is orange marmalade, caramel and nectarines.
Recommend serving CHILLED
Riesling 2019 lot # 1912
$35 bottle
New Release!  The 2019 Riesling has ripe fruit flavors with aromas of Granny Smith Apples, white peaches, honeycomb with orange blossoms. This wine is dry with crisp mouth watering acidity and nice weight on the palate.  This wine took 2 years to complete fermentation increasing contact with lees (dead yeast) adding texture and complexity to the wine. Recommend serving CHILLED
Riesling 2008 lot # 0802
$32 bottle
Our hidden gem; this wine has been slowly aging in our cellar since 2008. With patience and time, this Riesling has aged gracefully through the years.
On the palate, it displays crisp acid with notes of lime peel, apricots and nectarines. Petrol (TDN) and citrus blossoms are beautifully displayed in the aroma.
The 2008 Riesling is an easy drinking wine that pairs well with curry dishes and/or chicken, pork, shrimp and crab. Recommend serving CHILLED
Chardonnay 2018 lot # 1812
$35 bottle 
On the nose, this wine is reminiscent of campfire smokiness, toasted marshmallows and baked apple pie. Aged in all new American oak for two years, the Covered Bridge wine has forward notes of vanilla and cream. The fresh yet subtle acidity would pair great with poultry or ham dishes.
Recommend serving CHILLED
Chardonnay Late Harvest 1999
lot # 9961s
$25 split bottle 375ml
These grapes were effect with botrytis which is known as noble rot used to make some of the most expensive wines in the World. This dessert wine is deep gold in color, with complex aromas of honeycomb, wax, dried apricot and ginger. On the palate this Late Harvest Chardonnay is full bodied and not overly sweet for this style of wine. Try pairing to wine with crème brulee or a strong blue cheese.
Chardonnay Select Reserve 2017  
lot # 1795
$29 bottle  
The Select Reserve Chardonnay from 2017 exhibits complexity of flavors that linger long after you have sipped the wine. It displays a spicy elegance of vanilla and baking spices with layers of citrus and peaches.
Chardonnay Reserve 2017  
lot # 1791
$20 bottle  
The harvest of 2017 was a warm in Ohio which is displayed in the ripe fruit flavors in this wine, mingled with under tones of smoke, hazelnut, toast. This wine has nice bright acidity with a lingering finish on the palate. This is a bold expression of this grape.
Homage Grand Cru Chardonnay 2016
lot # 1683
$51 bottle

This wine is aged in new lightly toasted barrels sourced from forests within 200 miles of the winery. Creamy aromas from lees aging with layers of baking spices and a full weight with caramel like notes on the palate. This wine has a round mid palate with long citrusy finish.
6 bottles or more @ 10% case discount